Happy Beginnings—
What I'm Working on Now
These are my current projects—check back often for updates, and be sure to look at my blog for excerpts!
  • Working title "A Credit to Love": Caitlyn Jordan isn't looking for love when Greg Tanner call the gift shop she manages to tell Cait that one of her clerks accidentally made a six-figure charge to Greg's corporate credit card! But the lawyer's humble apology for his tirade makes her take a second look. Is she willing to fight former beauty queen Tamara Reynolds for his affections?

    Chapters 1-6 now posted in my blog!

    A Credit to Love is currently being queried to publishers.

  • Working title "A Table for Four": Jodi Adams has overcome the odds to be promoted to assistant manager of Dawson's Cards and Gifts. The single mother and high school drop-out doesn't have time for romance, but single father Tyler Mays catches her eye when he joins the church's singles group.

    Meanwhile, prosecutor Keith Winters is getting to know an entirely different side of fellow lawyer Tamara Reynolds, but can't get Jodi off his mind? Will Jodi and Tyler join forces--and families--or will Keith turn Jodi's party into A Table for Four?

    A sequel to A Credit to Love

  • Working title "At the Speed of Love": Kristen Jeanette Reed is determined to make it as a driver in stock car racing's top series. A few weeks into her rookie season, it looks like she's well on her way to a solid year--and a romance with fellow driver Chase Michaels. After a misunderstanding drives them apart, can Chase regroup to win the season title--and the heart of his Kristy Jean?

  • Working title "Shakespeare Sisters": High school English teacher Tina Simmons inherited her love of the Bard from her father, a college English professor. When Tina finds herself at odds with principal Jonathan Patton over a student production, will sparks fly--or will love save the day?

  • Working title "Confessions of a Grad School Drop-Out: On living, loving, learning—and leaving": A collection of essays on my experiences in Youngstown and Pocatello--and the aftermath.

    This project is on hold

  • Working title "The Band": Librarian Ellie Gaines is out with friends when she catches the eye of musician Aaron Thoms. Despite their age difference, he sets out to win her heart--but has unexpected competition from friend and band mate Tyler Clancy. Whose love song will Ellie complete?
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